We are experts and have more than 80 years of experience in natural herbs. We are a manufacturer of traditional medicines that have passed international standards for traditional medicine production. There is a factory area that can produce large quantities of work. For both domestic and export sales

Natural herbs From the past, long ago, there are many benefits and benefits to human beings. We see those natural herbs. sed to develop to the maximum benefit and value with a system of careful development From upstream to downstream

We have modern machines. We have a quality team to focus on product development. We are ready to give advice. Herbal knowledge with investors, entrepreneurs And ready to provide marketing consulting, investment strategies, distribution channels To enable entrepreneurs to be confident and able to expand markets and investments both domestically and internationally

We are ready to be a part of driving natural herbal products for OEM ( Original Equipment )  operators both locally and internationally. We value innovation in every level of product development. By always selecting good ingredients

The company is determined to develop to get quality products. And grow into the international market
1. Able to provide complete service and meet the needs of customers efficiently
2. Able to manage investment costs So that customers can distribute and expand the product market in a wide and long term
3. There is a team that has experience, knowledge and advice which is the core of business planning.
4. Able to manage production capacity quickly
5. With excellent quality and service Check product quality before delivery We have always been trusted by customers.

The competent authority of Thailand confirms the following:
The manufacturer IEO NAM OSOT CO.,LTD.

Has been inspected under the national inspection programme in connection with manufacturing licence 1/2558 in accordance
Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme ( GMP/PICS )
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